1. 1. Identification
  2. 2. Personal information
  3. 3. Health questionnaire
  4. 4. Done
The Finnish Stem Cell Registry is operated on the principle of passing on a gift from an unnamed person to an unnamed patient. When registering as a voluntary donator, you commit to donating blood stem cells collected from bone marrow or blood to any patient needing stem cell transplants. Such patients may be in Finland or abroad. This means that it is not possible to join the registry to help a certain patient only.

Before joining the registry, please complete the test on our website at www.veripalvelu.fi to find out if you are eligible to become a bone marrow donor. This test will help to clarify if you are eligible to join the donor registry and at a later point, donate stem cell transplants to a patient. A basic requirement is that you are between 18 and 36 years old and in good basic health.

There are two phases to joining the Stem Cell Registry:
1. Filling in the electronic registration form
2. Giving a saliva sample for the tissue type test (instructions and the kit for giving the sample will be sent to you by mail after the Blood Service has received the form)

Before filling in the form, you need to login to the service using your personal online bank credentials, in order to ensure reliable identification.